Um, Caleb? I think you've got something hanging off your... you know what? Never mind.

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  1. Mordoz Cookie Lord

    yeah, I wanna know that too. Did I somehow miss it? I didn't see any interaction between them and when they did meet up they were too busy escaping for their lives to really interact in any meaningful way, much less making her want to kill him.

    Curiouser and curiouser…

    (Wow, really spell-check? You accepted CURIOUSER? Just wow. lol)

  2. khavren

    She blames him for her place getting blown up

  3. B. M. Prager

    Yeah, that's basically it. The next page and the one after pretty well explain what went on, and give new details that play in later.

  4. Serne

    random thought… is the guitar dude a zombie? … no he still feels pain… a lich?… no wrong genre… IMMORTAL, but not impervious… hehe that would suck. can't die but can be tortured forever…

  5. That chick next door

    what in the world was she stabbing him with anyhow?

  6. Doing the whole fanboy thing with all of his intestines hanging out. Our Mr. Possible Protagonist is quite a card, isn't he?

  7. Lazerus

    Yay its good to see updates :)

  8. Rem273

    He's pretty obviously a flat…

  9. Charlie


    I think she wants to stab him because if the Pika psycho hadn't missed her machine wouldn't be destroyed??

  10. Serne

    "Back in Uni the Old Timers" his Flatness is confirmed just by that.

  11. Matt

    What exactly is a "flat"? Also, Ben you must be really busy these days :-p

    • B. M. Prager

      I am sooo busy. Trying to get next page done, and I am also super sick :(

      What a flat is will be revealed more and more… it's pretty interesting on a number of levels

  12. Serne

    Hope you feel better soon.

  13. Steelbright

    just so you know–not that you need to know this–this webcomic is really shiny and needs to be updated. a lot. mostly i just look at the page and think I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON, BUT IT IS REALLY COOL!!! and i basically think it just like that, too. i'm loving the characters, plenty of room for development, and the bizarre references to memes and internet stuff are perfectly timed, and the dynamic nature of the world is fun fun fun, too. yes. it deserved three funs.

    i'm sort of wondering how any possible relationship can progress from the initial stage of knowing that the other person would literally have KILLED YOU by RIPPING OUT YOUR GUTS, no matter how big the scientific breakthrough was.

    please update! we all know how busy things get. good luck!

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