I know! I am sorry :(

My girlfriend was in town, and well that doesn’t happen often as she lives halfway across the US from me, and it’s summer break. Heading back to college Monday, which means I suspect I wont be getting a new page for Book One out until next week. I’ll aim for 3 Tiny’s this week though, at least. Starting right now. Look, a new Tiny! The next few should be pretty interesting, as I’m going to start drawing some cool stuff on that “Blank Canvas”.

I also realize the navigation on the site sucks right now. Once I understand more css I will be adding my own forward and back buttons to the top while you’re reading the comic, and once comicpress 3.0 is out, I should be able to put the first and last buttons back. They don’t work with multiple comics currently unfortunately. Hopefully the click on comic forward button will be fixed to work with multiple comics too, that’s the reason I had to get rid of that as well :/

If you feel so inclined, please vote for me! I am ranked 83 or something, so it seems I’m not yet a the point I can keep up in the top 50 or so, but I’d really like to stay in the top 100 until the end of the month. I should have the sketched for the next page at some point this week, and they will appear under the vote once I have them.