Ok, all my boxes from home have arrived, by the end of today I’ll have been to all my classes, and I’ve got job hours set up and when I need to cook. I’m living in an apartment this year, my senior year of college, with 3 of my good friends. One of them I discovered did not know I was doing this web comic at all until he saw me drawing one of the Tiny’s last week. 0_0

But it’s cool, we all have completely different majors and are probably one of the most diverse groups on campus. The four of us represent something like 12-16 different majors and minors.

My plan is to have one Tiny and one Book One comic out by the end of the week. However, Book One comes first, hands down. Only after I finish it will I try to squeeze a Tiny in this week. I’m getting school credit for drawing this, so technically I’m not taking away from my classes, and it’s all building towards my Senior Sem any-who.

You might have noticed two new ad boxes on the site, they are there to replace the skyscraper ad from the old layout. I think I made it less intrusive though, while still being a pretty good ad space on the site. We’ll see how that goes.

Finally, VOTES! I’ve dropped to like 111 in rank after quickly rising to 33 at the start of the month, but that’s still pretty amazing in my book. :P However, this week the month ends, and when it does the vote numbers for each comic shrink a LOT. I believe each comic keeps enough votes to not change the ranks once it resets the votes, but I really don’t know. I haven’t been at this too long. I’ll have the sketch of the next page up either at the end of the 31st or start of the 1st as the incentive, so please vote as many days as you can then, if you think this comic is worthwhile!! I’m thinking I will also change the vote button so that when you hover over it you see the rank. I will impliment it once I have time.