SPX was awesome. I networked with comic artists, ogged at them, and bought stuff. I wanna totally have a booth next year, assuming I somehow become popular before they run out of booths. Am drawing comic about it with a friend, will update with that as soon as I get the last few panels of his. Also, the next Book One comic is being drawn! Seriously :/

I’ve also been writing the short story that will turn into the comic I draw for my studio art senior sem, which in turn will be the third comic I add to this site. It’s quite a bit darker and more serious than Book One, while about much younger characters. That comic should start being posted in February or March. It’s gonna be over 100 pages I’m thinking, and I intend for it to be something I can publish. Is it related to Book One? Yes. Will you realize when I post it? I can’t see how you would, aside from me saying they connect somehow at some point.

I’m going to aim to post two comics a week, starting this week. If I can’t deal with that and school and a job, well then I’m only human, and that doesn’t quite cut it if I want to make it.


(PS: I am totally updating the Deviant Art account with new content multiple times a week, you guys should check it out)