Tinker's story

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  1. nab

    no offense, but her face looks all kinds of… weird in the last panel.

  2. B. M. Prager

    I agree, I'll work on it Sunday probably.


    Done. Better?

  3. Howie

    I like it…

    Would like it more if you would UPDATE!… T.T… I know you have a life and all, but man, I have to say this is one of the more interesting webcomics I've found…

  4. B. M. Prager

    I know :/

    Believe me, I would love to update more. It would make my year if working on my web comic was my biggest concern, because I would like to basically do this as my job.

    Senior year of college will kill me if I do though.

    Next semester, this becomes my senior sem, and maybe then I can update reasonably again.

  5. holden

    hey love the comic sofar so when do you update exactly?

  6. nab

    @Ben Prager: ever heard of megatokyo?

    • B. M. Prager

      @Holden, well, Mondays is what I'd like, but right now it is super sporadic. Check every Monday though and you wont miss anything. I want to set up a mailing list though, will make it much easier for people reading, and be a good way to get info out in general.

      @nab, YES!!!! :D I actively read it, and it updates only slightly more frequently than I am right now X(
      I had it in my links for a while, but took it out as it's a much different comic than the others I have linked. Maybe I'll put it back though in a while. It's a great comic.

  7. Serne

    Hey, are you still working on the comic or has it sorta fallen on the wayside?

    • B. M. Prager

      I am working on it, but I don't forsee another comic for at least a week.

      I…. I am dealing with a lot right now. I can promise comic will be going strong by January, but before then is iffy. There will definitely be more updates than there have recently, but I don't see a regular schedule showing back up until then.

      I'll look into staring a mailing list. make things easier on people.

  8. Serne

    Thanks for the update. I'm guessing you have much studying to do, as well as projects to finish. And if it is some other kind of difficulty than I hope everything goes well.

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