Two new Tiny Bazzelwaki comics, you should check them out! One is part of the “story” The other is the Halloween comic. I’m going more silent, I think it will be nicer just to draw the things I want to for now, while still working towards being ready to draw senior sem comic.

I appollogize for the comic not updating much in the past few months, if you started reading the comic in that time it probably looks like I hardly update. Well one week I did post four  comics, but generally this is a once a week thing. College, relationships, and so on come first though, and right now they are kicking my ass.

The comic is not dead by any means, I’ll continue to update, and as time goes on I’ll be able to update more and more frequently. Once I start my senior sem, I”ll be posting a third comic on this site most likely, which will not be narely so detailed as Book One, but much more organic, have a really great story, and run about 100 pages. It might even update 2-3 times a week!! :P

Book one will probably go on hold for that, my plan now is to stop at the end of chapter one, and update with concept art for chapter two, and a constant stream of good looking Tiny Bazzelwaki’s, which  at that point might start to have a story.

Anyways, working on the next page.