EDIT: I have added back the ability to click the comic to go to the next one back! It does not work with multiple comics being posted at the same time, as it just looks for the next date with a comic. I solved this by telling it all the Tiny Bazzelwaki’s were published 10 years ago :P. Also, I’ve changed how I do incentives! Now incentives will be the warm-up scetches I do for the next/current comic. The warm up sctech of the current page I’m working on is now the incentive, and I would like to keep this up with new pages.

I’ve had a lot of stress and anxiety this semester. It’s made it very difficult to work on my web comic. Next semester however my senior seminar IS my web comic, so the updates then I predict will be plentiful, even if I only met half my goal. As it is, I hope to post the next comic in the next few days, and then start picking back up, during my month long winter break.

I have some bad news aside from the huge lack of updates in the last month or two however. Spam comment have gotten smarter and smarter, and working with the word press spam filters, I still have to mark 20-50 comments a day as spam that slipped past it, the other 200 or so being caught. It’s ridiculous, especially with my lack of updates causing fewer and fewer views. In response to this I have added reCAPTCHA to the site. reCAPTCHA makes those hard to read words, and I’m afraid for now at least you’ll have to get through that ever time you want to post a comment. It’s made by google though, so I trust is to be effective and not overly-frustrating. Fingers crossed, hope this works.

On the bright side, 10 of the older comics are updated. If you re-read the first part, up to the Java Shop, you might notice. It’s none of the full re-coloring jobs that need to be done, but things that make the comics fit, but I could do in smaller bits of time, time that I couldn’t really use to draw new work but I could use to touch up old work. Touching up takes a lot less effort, and awareness. :/

Check back in monday, and there should be a new comic. maybe a bit sooner, maybe a bit later. But there WILL be a new Book One comic by next week.