Jacob is a bit melodramatic.

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  1. Globox

    Update yay!

    Anyway, I really like the art you're doing, keep it up!

  2. Serne

    Kewl! He looks like an evil shiny half crow-vulture thing with lasers!

  3. msouth

    Does it say 'back "stuff"' where it means to say 'black "stuff"'?

  4. B. M. Prager

    @Globox, Thanks!

    @Serne, :D I'll post a FULLY transformed picture of him somewhere at some point, maybe as an incentive.

    @msouth: Whoops! Thanks for that, I fix it asap.

  5. humamama

    to me, Your line work feels sloppy. Spend more time on it, shading isn't everything.

    also, no offense, but memes? really? they aren't funny nor a good starter for a story line.

  6. Khavren

    Memes are a decent starter, as a concept they are a fascinating piece of mental virus. They have been used in several novels and as far as I can tell, the basic storyline for this comic resides around an interpretation of "internet as real place"

  7. humamama

    I'm not gonna lie that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

  8. B. M. Prager

    Here is what I have written on the Top Web Comics site:

    "A guitarist who cannot catch a break. A steampunk inventor girl. An immortal vigilante and his blogger. Enter Bazzelwaki, a Post-Modern SciFi Epic of a Real World Internet and its affects on an alternate universe. Nearly as confusing as it sounds."

    Food for thought :P

    @humamama 1st comment: Have you noticed any improvement over the course of the comic? Could you specify what specifically is sloppy? It may help me do better in the future, as I've been working a lot to improve my line work and forms over the past few pages.

    As to the memes, as far as the overarching story is concerned, at least this chapter could have nothing to do with the internet. However, I felt it would be a good way to show people on the internet something familiar before I began to go into the much more outlandish stuff.

    @Khavren: So far, yes, it appears that it is a story about the internet as a real place. ;)

    @humamama 2nd comment: Yes, it is pretty "dumb", isn't it? A better word though, might be ridiculous. The thought that any such society could exist on its own without a reality and society behind it would be preposterous. Without actual people behind the masks we show others on the internet, how much depth do we have?

    Now, I'm not sure you have any interest in my comic, or art, as your comments only highlight negative aspects. But if you do, I assure you that the art will continue to improve, and the story will continue to become more than what it appears. If you read carefully what is already up, it should be apparent that far more is going on than I have let explained to the reader, as the page after this one suggests.

    All in all, I hope reading my comic has not made you any worse off! I appreciate the time you took to read it thus far. :)

  9. Pshaw. You can contain nothing in Tupperware. Tupperware is pretty cool. Rubbermaid’s nice also. :3

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