…Not that it makes too much difference to me, being Jewish and all.

That said, I went out of my way to make a Christmas Comic for all you out there who do celebrate it! Yes, it is four days after Christmas. But hey, The last Tiny Bazzelwaki was Halloween, so it’s already a bit behind. That said, you can expect Tiny Bazzelwaki to become quite regular, like it has not been since the summer. The developing plan behind the comic has become particularly interesting to anyone who has an imagination. It freaks me out more than a horror story, particularly knowing that in a way, I am doing this to myself.

To fit this new plan, I have cleaned up the opening to Tiny Bazzelwaki Here and Here, and added foreshadowing Here.

Before I forget, there is a new voting incentive! This incentive is of Jacob in his fully transformed state, as far as I have planned it. This is a pretty amazing piece of art, and will be replaced with a new incentive with the next page in Book One! That means sometime next week, it will be off the internetz for a while.

And to those of you who have found or re-found Bazzelwaki through the re-newed advertising, welcome! There is a decent amount of content on the site at this point, and when Chapter One of Book One ends in a few pages, there will be some big accoutrements related to comics and the site as a whole. I think they are all good things, but that’s just me.

‘Til next time,