For those of you who have followed the comic for some time now, you are probably aware that before the release of the two most current comics in Book One, there was a huge shortage of activity here. I had expected to finish the last four pages in chapter one during my winter break, but through careful consideration, I have decided that the work that made it so difficult for me to work on college work and this comic itself must be dealt with first, or this problem will persist until I arrive at the end on the year, unable to graduate.

How will this affect you?
Hopefully, very little. I will be drawing little to no comics while I go into full workdays of work mode. But if I can do what this, something I have never done before, and complete this monumental workload in the given time-frame, I can do anything. My fears that have built for 2 years will have their backs broken.
If I finish this quickly, there might even be a Book One comic next week. If not, I will be pushing for a Book One comic the week after. If I can’t by that week, that means I’m falling behind, and need to fix my plan. I’m tried of getting stuck, I can’t afford it, if I want to do anything, particularly the biggest comic of my life.

That all said, I hope to have a Tiny Bazzelwaki up soon regardless, but only if have I have time for a 2 hour break or so. This comic will start a very cool trend in Tiny Bazzelwaki, the story. A creepy, but kinda hilarious story, still in the spirit of the comic, which is to experiment and have fun, pushing the ways I am comfortable drawing comics.