Flats are NOT zombies, Caleb. >:(

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  1. NonEuclideanCat

    I'm amused with this circular explanation they've got going on here.

    "This guy is a flat."

    "What's a flat?"

    "You're a flat."

    Then again, I sympathize. Explaining jargon sucks.

  2. Cyberwulf

    Yaaaay! A post!

  3. B. M. Prager

    @NonEuclideanCat, yeah, that's actually my intention. I wanted to poke fun at how the characters all know what's going on, but have left Caleb and the audience out of the loop. :)

    The explanation of Flats will come parts, one on the next page, more in chapter 2.

    @Cyberwulf, :D Hehe, let's see if I can keep up this Monday thing now. XD

  4. dr pepper

    @NonEuclideanCat, i hope that your topology keeps you safe from that chick next door. She's crazy you know, and if she can get a grip on a cat she'll throw it at someone.

    So let's see. Java is a coffeehouse, Blogspot appears to be some sort of publisher, Youtube is a playhouse where amateurs can perform and 4chan is a secret society of rowdy anarchists. So lemme guess, Adobe Reader is a library where they keep ancient style clay tablets? Live Journal is a public speaker's platform? Godaddy is a realtor that rents spaces to hipsters? McAffee and Norton are exorcists? Mapquest is a taxi service? Firefox is a culture and current event magazine?

    Oh, also, when Jacob is in full bird form, he looks like a boojoom.

  5. Steelbright

    yay updaetz! i just wrote a long comment but the comp ate it D:<

    lovely blob of all-at-the-same-time dialogue there in the second(ish?) panel. very fun.

    i'm not sure i agree with whatsisface's conclusion about zombies, though. :D i mean, clearly his ability to survive zombie-like with his guts hanging out is a property of his NOT being a flat, so he should actually have come to the opposite conclusion. however, i'll attribute this to shock and give Clueless the benefit of the doubt. he's a nice kind of clueless anyway. ^^

    as usual, fun page, can't wait for more!

  6. B. M. Prager

    @dr pepper, that is the basic idea XD, though the parody of the internet is only part of the comic. Details such as those are mostly in the background. Also, I looked up a boojoom and found nothing. :/

    The closest thing was a strange looking plant by a similar name.

    @Steelbright, yeah, I was concerned about his lack of deductive skills in this scene, but then again, I considered how confused he was to begin with, and decided it made for a lot of potential growth later on, when he begins to make choices for himself.

    AND it was funny. That is my other defense.

    Glad you like the "blob of all-at-the-same-time dialog"! Was fun to plan out :)

  7. Nicole

    You know, I never thought they advertised any good comics on top web comics, but I've been proved wrong. Awesome job?

  8. B. M. Prager

    @Nicole, I will take that as a compliment! :D

    Another comic I recommend that often advertises on Top Web Comics is reMIND. Great stuff.

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