This is REALLY not Caleb's day.

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  1. Robba

    I am currious what comes now :) Want to know the metaphors, if there are such.

    Keep on rocking!

  2. Cyberwulf

    Baahahaah! The foaming at the mouth was a genius detail! I literally rofled at that.

  3. B. M. Prager


    Glad to hear I have gotten your interest! I will continue to ride these rocks as best I can :)


    Haha, awesome! I'm glad I that scene turned out so well!

  4. Skiff

    Hey! I found your comic through the advertisement on Top Web Comics and have been voting throughout me working through the comics to date. I absolutely love it! Really distinct visual style and great use of memes and general confusion to give us that "something's not quite right here" feeling.

    I can't wait for the next update. :)

  5. PanaK

    I love it! It has a twisted style with some warped and ridiculous humor. Much like myself. X ) plus the uniqueness of it is a wonderful break from the "neatly" drawn. It's art ,man! Please keep at it!

  6. vonFelsenheim

    He's not a Bonzibuddy, is he?

  7. Steelbright

    hahaha. nice job patching him up, lolz.

    actually, this makes a lot of sense. if he really is an internet construct then Clueless gets let off the hook a bit. otherwise his clueless-osity was going a bit beyond the 'regular-main-character-in-on-a-conspiracy' scale. he really was a flat, wasn't he? LIKE^ . this makes me wonder about the nature of self-awareness/self-construction in a world where you think it's perfectly natural to be an apparently-adult person who's only been around a year.

    rhetorical question time: did a human create Caleb as some sort of avatar or something, then? or is he sort of a computer-spawned creation just to fill in the gaps for human users? i expect this all to become clearer as i read, of course. ^^ :D

    nice work as always.

  8. B. M. Prager

    @Skiff, thank you very much! I will try to have the next update out as soon as I can!

    @PanaK, =D Yeah, I really get sick of the cookie cutter style I see most"pro" comics using. I think training as a classical art traing really helps with comic-ing.

    Anyways, thank you! I really appreciate it!

    @vonFelsenheim, haha, oh man, I had to wiki that, that's awesome XD

    @Steelbright, Yesss (in excitement)!!! Now it is coming together just what the comic might really be about. =)

    I would answer your question, but the comic will do that in time, and much better than I will in a single comment ;)

  9. Hahaha, the "bandage" is cling wrap.
    Now, would it more or less gross/awesome if it were duct tape?

    I betcha bubble wrap would take the cake though =)

    Excellent work once again, my friend!

    • Ha, I figured saran wrap was what I would use, though duct tape would probably be grosser. XD

  10. Drakkoniss

    Really *does* look like a zombie, there…

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