WARNING: Internet Explorer 8 is a terrible browser

Ok, you probably know IE8 sucks. But until I put in special code for it, things such as the background of the site do not appear in it. I WILL address this, but you should really get yourself a better web browser in the meantime.

ANYWAYS: As many of you may have noticed, the site looks very different than before. Here are a list of things to know:

  • Ash Storm is the next comic that will appear on Bazzelwaki, once chapter one of Imprint is finished. There is a fair amount of content under the Ash Storm tab that I will be taking offline once the comic goes live, so check it out!
  • Book One is officially titled Imprint… for now.
  • New Tiny Bazzelwaki!
  • Arrow key navigation works!
  • new comments system
  • The site design is being re-worked, as is apparent by looking at the site.
  • A number of pages of Imprint have been edited, both visually,and to better fit slight adjustments in the story:

Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4
Never Gonna Tell a Lie and HURT you
Enough Girl
What the Heck is Going On??

And here are the old pages:
Old Pages