Ash Storm
You might notice the “latest” bar has been changed! A note, Ash Storm has not officially begun yet, so clicking the button goes nowhere.

Crow Appears
The new comic is up, and ties up a number of lose ends from the chapter! There is the bit about Dramatic Squirrel which needs to be added. There is a page early in the archives, that looks significantly outdated, and has a note on it saying it is over 2 years old. Replacing this page will be the next step, with two pages with the same content and a bit more, that better shows Google City as a living breathing place, or at least highlights the important points I reference later in the comic.

This update is so important, it will actually appear as the latest comic when it is complete!

New Tiny!
This new Tiny marks the end of the dream sequence, and within some three pages the first “part” of the story shall be finished, which I like to call the “What the heck is this comic even?” part.

New Voting Incentive
If you vote for Bazzelwaki on Top Web Comics, there is now a sneak peak of the look of Ash Storm!