The comments system has been changed to use what looks like the old design, with the recaptcha system in place to stop spam rather than the outside service I had running. They stopped over 2000 comments in a few days, but still more spam slipped through than with just rechaptcha, and this way I can see if it was truly all spam.

Intense Debate had many nice features, but the arrow key navigation did not recognise it, which made writing comments very difficult. With the normal comment box, you can use the arrow keys and comment just fine. Also, Intense Debate tried to capture spam as well, so I could not check ANY of the comments. This was a big problem, as I have easter eggs in the comics people comment on, and they were getting caught by the system.

So, commenting is simple again, though the reply button will tab your comment under the one you replied to (like most comment systems), which it did not before.

Easier to see, it that the backgrounds are changed. I’m adjusting some button sizes, and trying to make the site feel like it wastes less space, while not becoming cluttered.

And yes, that forest background is in anticipation of Ash Storm.