It may appear I’ve been pretty idle from the way I have been updating the comics recently, but that is not so. In fact, I am very busy finishing the first chapter of the Imprint (as it is currently titled), and am even MORE busy on another project, Ash Storm.
Heck it’s the title of this post, there are buttons saying “coming soon!”, and the site is being redesigned with the more moody, atmospheric feel of that comic in mind.
Ash Storm, has about 20 pages in some stage of completion drawn already, ranging from detailed initial draft and text, to completely finished, most somewhere in between that. The comic is based off of a 50 page “short” story I have written of the same title, and is likewise extremely¬†narrative¬†focused.
Imprint will be going on Hiatus (an official one), once Ash Storm begins, which I am trying to time with the completion of Imprint Chapter One. It will resume again once Ash Storm is complete, which DOES have an end date. Ash Storm has been planned out in advance, if the fact that it is based off a written story, and there are already 20 pages did not give it away.

Ash Storm is a story that doesn’t pull it’s punches. It is also the closest any story I have ever written has come to modern times, to our earth. I felt that the closer I began with places and concepts people are familiar with, the jump to my other stories would not be so extreme.
Check for updates in the coming weeks, Imprint Chapter One is finishing, and the First 20 or so pages of Ash Storm are all coming up this month.