Imprint has not one new page, but two!

Do people remember the page that had a note saying it was two years old? Well, it have been replaced with two completely new pages. With this, the order of events early in the comics has been re-aranged, so that the story stays a bit more focused. With that, some pages have been combined, other significantly updated, and overall the comic reads much better. Idealy, you may want to just begin reading from the start of Imprint, however, if you do just click the lastest button,

THIS is the page where the story gets back into the familiar order. There is actually more information, and all of it relevent in these new pages. This way, the comic ties up all it’s lose ends, such as dramatic squirrel.

One more page of Imprint Chapter One, and then Ash Storm Begins! Things are picking up pace, the final page will be up within a week.