You'd think the Java-tender would be a bit more bothered by Crow.

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  1. NonEuclideanCat

    Man, we don’t even know this guy’s name yet and I can already count 5 kinds of awesome that he is.

    I just know that I’m going to love this guy.

    • B. M. Prager

      That is what I am hoping!!

  2. Katasumi

    Ironic,Magic Slurping

  3. Kiarasa

    Wow. This is a great series. I look forward to seeing where this is going!

    • B. M. Prager

      Thanks! It is going to many awesome places, though it will be a while before I am able to get back to them, with the comic Ash Storm, and all. :/

  4. Biligum

    We do know his name, actually – it’s on the second page of Imprint. “Crow,” apparently, very fitting.

    • B. M. Prager

      =D Was hoping someone would find his name!

    • NonEuclideanCat

      Well, what do you know. So it is.

      Ok, 6 kinds of awesome, because I always like that name.

  5. PanaK

    Still loving the artistic style. The dirty chat bubbles from Crow is a nice touch too. A subtle yet obvious added clue that this is a dark guy.

  6. Lunar

    maybe he’ll make snide comments about crappy movies he has to watch while trapped on a satellite with Tom Servo and Mike! XD

  7. Kiarasa

    Too bad Imprint is going on hiatus; I am seriously hooked. Like, more than I am to any other webcomic I’ve read so far. The characters are fantastic,and I can actually see your art improving with each page (i.e. remembering the old pages from earlier that you replaced.) I am very intrigued by Crow and Jake, especially. It’s hard to imagine Ash Storm exceeding what you’ve already started here!

    • B. M. Prager

      Wow, I am honored to hear that!
      I still have quite a number of versions of the old pages, which at some point I plan to upload somewhere for peoples viewing pleasure. Probably with a side-by-side comparison to the final version of the page, if there is one, as parts are considerably different in the beginning now.

      I promise Ash Storm will not only have excellent characters, but also only expand peoples understanding of Imprint. =)
      They are both a part of a far larger story, and so reading it while perhaps not answering questions in Imprint immediately, will make for some very interesting puzzles to work out later, once I return to Imprint Book One.

      Ultimately, every comic I make on this website will contribute to the others, even Tiny Bazzelwaki, despite being completely non cannon.


  8. Awesome!great comic,i like the desgin of your website.

  9. Oooh. I just started reading this comic, but it’s so much fun! This is like Tron on crack and interwebz memes at three in the morning! 8D

    So….much…! XD *breathes*

  10. ZekeyBobby

    Whats up with his coffee??
    Or is he one of those characters that never change expression?

    • B. M. Prager

      Both. =)
      (coffee is sort of floating into his mouth through his teeth for some reason)

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