Imprint Chapter One, “Like the Internet, but with a “Z” “, is finished. It stands at a whopping 45 pages, with enough revisions that it might as well have been 80 pages on my end. There are a few more revisions for some of the pages that need doing, but little of the content will be changed.

…If you’ve been reading the blog, or just looking at the changes to the website over the past few months, you knew this was coming, but… I am sorry to say that Imprint is going on Hiatus. There will be a number of gag comics of moments in Chapter One, and the revisions I will be making, but that is it for a while.

So, when will Imprint resume?

Imprint will resume when Ash Storm is completed.

I did not want to start a completely new comic during the middle of Imprint, but as my senior seminar, my professors were rather eager for me to draw Ash Storm rather that Imprint Chapter Two.

My biggest problem with this, is I feel like I’ve gotten Imprint to a point where a fair number of people are going to be interested in it, and now they will have to wait to find out the answers the the bazillion questions the first chapter poses.

Imprint WILL return, and I humbly ask readers to stick around, and see what they think of Ash Storm.

Honestly, if you like my other comics, you’re going to like Ash Storm. And if you were put off by the Memes and internet bits of Imprint, you’re going to love Ash Storm. It is based off a short story I’ve written that half my professors have told me to get published, and on the art end, you will get to see everything I learned from Imprint chapter one, and more.

Ash Storm is still a Bazzelwaki comic, and is part of the same very, very large continuum as Imprint. It’s just a lot closer to home, this time. It will be published in roughly 10 page episodes, the first one coming out THIS WEEK, and I expect 2-3 weeks between each update. If this becomes too much, I may simplify it to a 3 pages a week deal, though it is not the sort of comic to be read one page at a time.

Ash Storm represents is my current skill in writing and drawing. My hope is that it will catch the interest of a large number of people, and give me time to finish tweaking chapter one, and bring the writing in the other 5 chapters of Imprint up to scratch.

After all, you WANT Crow to turn out as badass as he looks, don’t you?