Ash Storm 1-12

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  1. xpacetrue

    I’m finding this hard to believe:

    Ashlynn’s arm wasn’t just broken. Looking at page #1966: That’s a VERY NASTY compound fracture! Her arm looks almost completely severed. I’m no doctor, but it looks to me like the main arteries are damaged. I’d think she’d fall unconscious from blood loss and bleed to death pretty rapidly. He’d have to get her to a hospital fast. On top of that, the bone marrow could get into the blood stream. This could easily lead to blood clots and other problems.

    Then this FLOOD? The water would get into her open wound. That’s… I can’t see how she could survive.

    Compound fracture? It could be believable… but not when it’s THAT severe.

    • That is an excellent description and I am glad you have noticed the severeness of the breaking. It is extremely intentional, and there is indeed a point of how bad the break is.

      If something questionable is happening in this comic, indeed question it, there is probably reason for it that has not been revealed yet.

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