Ash Storm 2-1

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  1. DBW

    This is pretty awesome, I already like where the story is headed and the artwork is fantastic. Keep up the good work.

  2. NonEuclideanCat

    Wow, that was… yeesh *shudder*

    Exposed bones -nyuuuuuh- never don’t bother me.

    I need to go do something happy now. Time for reruns of Friendship is Magic.

    Good job, though. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

    • B. M. Prager

      “Friendship is Magic”? Is that a thing XD ? EDIT: Ahhhhhhh, I had to shoot myself in the foot and google it didn’t I? X/

      Well glad you like it, and don’t worry, I will not constantly shove unsettling gore in you face during the comic, only when there is a point to it. I promise there is zero gore in the next chapter.

      • NonEuclideanCat

        You should watch a few episodes when you get some free time. It’s very well written, if you can get past the fact that it’s My Little Pony.

        • B. M. Prager

          Well, after I’m out of college in a few weeks, well see. :)

    • Zenanii

      What the **** have you done to me? I just finished 8:th episode and I can’t stop watching, I’ve already learnt all their names for crying out loud!

      That aside, I really like your main comic (Ben), it is very intruiging. This one is a little to early to tell, but I like what I’ve seen so far (naked decapicated woman? I’m so f***’d up >_<)

    • I should probably note now (a year later) that I got pretty hooked, thanks to these comments:


  3. Katasumi

    Hmm…exposed bones..that look like wood,it kinda wanted to make me puke but ive seen my own blood.good job.and it also looked like a tsunami.heh.ill stay tuned.

  4. xafilah

    You really need to work on your crying faces. it’s…I can’t even describe how distractingly bad it is. actually… that works. “distractingly bad”
    as in, everything else is pretty good, and then I see the crying faces and then I am completely distracted from the important things because the crying faces are so out of place.

    • B. M. Prager

      Well, I went back and checked my crying references. The large shot of her crying as they went up the hill was definitely off, particularly in the trails and the mouth, so fixed that, as well as the full page of Ashlynn in the rain. Other than that, the actually crying faces are not visible, just the vibrant, almost glowing blue tears.

      Thank you for the feedback!

  5. MomoB91

    I know you’re juggling three comics, but just stop the other two and make more of this! It was so short, but I’m already left wanting to know more! This was more of a teaser than an Episode 1.

    • B. M. Prager

      I’m glad you like Ash Storm!
      I’m also not juggling three comics! Imprint is on Hiatus until Ash storm is finished, and TIny is a side comic. In the about page it says I draw it when I have time, which over the summer was plenty, and since then has been at most twice a month. AT MOST :’(

      But yeah, no need to worry, not juggling three comics at once. This one just comes out in whole “episodes” is all. ;)

      • MomoB91

        That’s good to hear. Read. Whatever.

      • MomoB91

        Also, what up with the big hat? D’you go to the royal wedding dressed casually?

        • B. M. Prager

          Well, nope. I’m American, a New Englander to be precise. No royal wedding for me. The hat is an exaggeration of a this hat here, which I wear a lot.

          All the stuff Tiny Ben ever wears is an exaggeration of something I actually do wear. the only totally fictional thing is the Vespa, which technically he has not worn yet.

          Check the about page, one of the pics is drawn directly over a real picture of me.

          • MomoB91

            … That’s … that’s .. uhh, a nice … hat… right.

  6. Steelbright

    Ooh, this is heading in a nice direction. But i’ll be sad not to know what’s going on with Imprint! >< I do agree a bit about the crying faces…but there's always the trouble between getting a realistic crying face and one that looks good/dramatic. I love getting in on the middle of the action and not knowing a thing about it; i hope we continue from Ashlynn's perspective and have to re-learn with her. all sorts of emotional conflict could happen. All this besides the fact, of course, that they appear to be in the middle of a forest in a tsunami. You know. that little detail. :) Looking forward to more!

    • MomoB91

      Fix that by reading and studying shoujou mangas. Then, clense the gay by watching ninja warrior or something violent like a die hard movie.

      • B. M. Prager

        I think I’ll keep studying real crying faces, that are in pain. Shoujou crying is emotional, and I find someone who is hold back tears in emotional situations adds more tension (also, shoujou faces are creepy and ugly).
        Crying in pain distorts the face a lot, which is awkward to draw. I’ll get better at it, I assure you. Though, it’s not like Ahsylnn’s going to be crying the whole comic.

    • B. M. Prager

      Yeah, again sorry for the long stall in Imprint for a while. There will be a few mini-updates to it during Ash Storm, to show it’s not abandoned. :p
      While I’m not going to go out and say what will happen, you will always be stuck to someones perspective or other; this is a character story. And you definitely learn along side the characters. =)

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