Imprint, Tiny Bazzelwaki, Ash Storm.

These are the names of the comics I am currently drawing digitally, and uploading to this webcomic site, Though each is a major project in and of itself, it is all of Bazzelwaki that is my Senior Seminar.

In any given language, Bazzelwaki has no meaning. However, the word is phonetically unique, and with no prior meaning attached to it, a reader associates it solely with the body of work contained by This extends then to the greater connecting ideas present throughout the website, and Bazzelwaki becomes a feeling; its own type of comic, story, and art style. stops being a website conceptually, and becomes a place in the landscape of the Internet, where Bazzelwaki is found.

Because Bazzelwaki becomes a place, and not an individual idea, can be a webcomic site that contains many comics and artworks, all of which are connected conceptually. This allows for any number of narratives to be contained within Bazzelwaki.

A Bazzelwaki narrative often begins in the middle of an action, and rarely lets the linear flow of time dictate the unfolding of events. Without exception, each narrative ends with plot threads connecting to a larger story than the one just told. In this way, Bazzelwaki narratives have no definite beginnings, no absolute ends, and are further interconnected as part of Bazzelwaki.

Ultimately, an artist statement in a blog post can only attempt to define Bazzelwaki. It is something that you, as the reader, must define for yourself for it to have any real meaning. If Bazzelwaki and its contents does not interest you without this statement, then it certainly will not interest you with it.

-Ben Prager, he who shoots himself in the foot