So, the next Tiny Bazzelwaki it out! Check it for yourself, things are not looking so hot for my Tiny counterpart. With the end of the first… arc (if you can call it that) of Tiny approaching, it won’t be too long before some very cool ideas in the comic surface.

Which brings me to my next point, that College is out!

That means more updates, and a chance to build some form of a regular update schedule. The next part of Tiny will give a bit of insight into what the Real me was up to my last semester, besides working my butt off on senior sem.

When can you expect Episode 2 of Ash Storm?
By the end of May. More info to come, but that seems to be fairly reasonable at this point in time. In fact, you can expect an episode once every month. Episode 1 was April, Episode 2 is May. It’s still the equivalent of between 2 and 3 pages a week, just all at once to preserve the reading experience.

Hopefully I will be able to up it to two Episodes a month, otherwise the 26 chapters will take 2 years to complete. That’s not so bad I guess, but if I can do it in just over 1 year, I’d like to.


I mean, I don’t want to wait 2 years to get back to Imprint, and I can’t imagine you having any complaints about faster updates.