Don't worry, Ash Storm is only about 300 pages long... 0_o

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  1. Random Person oWo

    If I can make a suggestion about which highly-known meme to add next, I’d say Tumblr and/or Homestuck. C:

    • I am very open to suggestion! Though, I often WILL argue and ask for second opinions, and let them sit in my head for a while before acting, depending on the suggestion…

      A better way of putting it is that I consider thoroughly every suggestion.

      Imprint has a looser structure than Ash Storm, and so can accommodate more. However, it will be a good while before I get back to Imprint, as this page says, so don’t hold your breath waiting, I’m afraid.

  2. Xel Unknown

    I hope something Pony related ends up showing up before the Internetz is destoried…. Then again maybe it’s better that doesn’t happen.

    • Haha, we’ll have to see. As you mentioned on another page my world building obsession, I cannot be anymore specific about any suggestions for memes to use.

      Ponies are sure tempting though; it was through the comments here that I discovered Friendship is Magic.
      Since then I’ve drawn this:
      I am scared to post more fan art on DA because of how popular this and my Adventure Time fanart became.

  3. Mark Gemini

    im a fan of ash storm, but i REALLY wanted to know what that pink marshmallow guy is! I do hope the hiatus isnt too long, but i still don’t mind if ash storm takes its mind

    • Well, for now I can only promise the Hiatus is NOT permanent, and that you DO get to find out what he is in Chapter Two. ^_^

      Thank you for sticking with my comics!

  4. Ragingreaver413

    Ben…if you post the next chapter of imprint next week, you are forever in my mind a beautiful person, no matter how long or patience-inducing your updates may be.

    • I’ll be posting a page of imprint next week if circumstance allows, in addition to an Ash Storm update (a page I’d been working on 4 weeks ago when RSI pains started). But it’s not the next chapter.

      I’m not a machine. Not yet.
      Making comics is quite hard, and my pages clock between 12 and 30 hours of actual drawing now (the only way around this is drawing the pages in batches, which I DO need to get back to). The last time I was drawing like a machine my arm gave out to RSI pains, and now it’s been a month since I’ve put any comics up.

      I AM drawing again, but I can’t go any faster than slow right now. And I can promise as these are my life’s work, and there are over 4,500 more planned comic pages in my overarching story, that I’m going to draw all these and always working to be faster (if I can’t get to at least 100 pages a year, those 4,500 pages are pretty insurmountable).

      • Ragingreaver413

        Well, in that case, I AM ROOTING FOR YOU! As I have said on at least two occasions now (I think), your comic is well worth the wait. Hang in there, man. Don’t overstress yourself either. Try to find someone to help you take proper breaks, too. Helps a TON!

        • Thanks, I really appreciate it. I’m sorry if I sounded harsh, I was not in the best mood. :(

          Time will tell how well I get the hang of this stuff.

          I’ve been working on the next Ash Storm page again for the past few days, I hope to have it online tomorrow like planned, or within the next few days.

  5. Ragingreaver413

    Or the week after, I should say.

  6. Stig Hemmer

    Your comics are welcome at any speed.

    And since people are giving out suggestions: I think XKCD’s iconic stickmen is worthy at least a cameo.

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