wake UP

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  1. Jim Faindel

    Seriously? Another one? MInd-boggling.
    It kind of reminds me of ChaosDen’s comics somehow…

    • Heh, this comic actually came out a few months ago, but until now was stuck at the end of Imprint. Bazzelwaki encompasses a vast network of interrelated stories, and this is the first of the ones in the short story section (there will soon be Long, Short, and Tiny categories. Tiny Only has Tiny Bazzelwaki though).

      The next 12 pages I plan to publish are also a short story, called Flicker. These are fast to draw as long am my computer isn’t dead, and help me not stagnate, and much more. Then back to Ash Storm, and so on in my now very, very planned out comic schedule.

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