wake up... Child, of Chaos.

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  1. Kree

    I was sort of naively hoping this wouldn’t be the outcome, but deep down I knew it from the moment he did the blood smear thing. Smearing blood on yer face is never a good idea! Then again, neither is touching a wall of solid darkness. Or taking your clothes off :B

    I wonder if he’ll be doing the same loop for eternity, or that perhaps one of the iterations will eventually break out of it…?

    Me, I would be way too freaked out to go anywhere far from what is apparently the only light source in existence there. I would try to climb that tower like a crazy man! :P

    • Yeah, there were not too many ways this could have ended well.
      I left it out of the story, but the lamp is smooth and solid, and even with climbing equipment he would have had over a mile of climbing to reach the top, where he would have been engulfed the source of the light . May go back and mention the lack of entrances on the lamp base on page 4.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Cadmium

    Awesome story, it reminds me a lot of the creepypasta which float around the internet, but the fact that this is illustrated makes it a lot better.

    Anyway, keep up the awesome work!

    • I looked up creepypasta, and was surprised to see there was a longstanding internet trend for unnerving horror! Very cool.

      Thank you very much for reading, I’m glad you liked it!!

  3. Steelbright

    ooh, nice. the tone of this is the best. I admit I sort of enjoyed the last few pages & the first few more than any of the rest; it felt like we were waiting for something. The most fun about this, i think, wasn’t the story (although that’s fun too; this kind of fuzzy logic-loop is lovely) but the composition and the dramatic black-and-white style. I can really feel the whole dark/light contrast…it’s like a dreamscape.


    haha, mind blown. I feel like those sorts of questions should be brought up somehow by stuff like this.

    Nice job! is it being published or something?

    • Thanks! I’m glad the concept pulled through so well!
      We’ll it was going to be part of a comic anthology, but they ran out of space, and I was a bit late, for reason beyond my control at the time.
      The story is cannon though to the overall Bazzelwaki mythos, so someday it will become clear how this fits in with everything.

  4. Jim Faindel

    This is beautiful and terrible at once, just the way I like it.
    It reminds me to the original shortest horror story ever:

    “The last human on earth was sitting in a room.
    Then someone knocked on the door.”

    This is cool as hell and I can not wait to see how it fits with the rest of your artistic universe.

    • Thank you very much! I am very glad to hear all that, and I suspect you will like the next short story, “Flicker”, as well then. These short stories will help fill out my universe much faster than if I left it to the speed I can produce the color comics that require a very different pacing and scale.

  5. Fulgrim

    Great artwork and even greater story! But to be frank, I still don’t understand what these “matches” as his eyes shall be. Or more precisely why there are strings or bones or whateverthingys linking his eyes to his yaw. Please, someone tell me, or I have to become one o’ those, just to find out…

    • Thank you! So you don’t become “one o’ those”, I can explain a small bit myself. ;)

      The things coming from his eyes were the “hunter” lines he painted on in blood a few pages ago. People have been calling them them eye fangs. Honestly I’m not sure if those are the eye/matches you describe, of the strings. Why they look the way they do/what they are for, well… ;)
      As for the jaw, imagine it kinda getting ripped halfway down his neck, only the “self image” is changing as well, so rather than just being mutilated, he is also becoming a monster of some sort.

      There are a number of details in this story that will pop up in later stories, and I mean a LOT. Look for subtle similarities and also not so subtle ones.

  6. commander204

    Ok, this looks like something out of The Twilight Zone. It’s intriguing, mysterious, and a little suspenseful. And just when you think it’s the end, boink, you’re back at the beginning as if what had transpired was only a nightmare.

  7. Xel Unknown

    There should be a link to Flicker here… WHERE IS IT?

    • Code Wise, I need to add a button on latest pages that links to the content pages, so that say when you finish Child of Chaos, you get sent here: http://bazzelwaki.com/comic/starmanchronicles

      If you mean how do the stories relate, well, I need to draw “Somewhere Beyond Space and Time” first. :P

      Haha, this would be a lot simpler if I did not have some many interconnected comics I wanted to draw.

      Edit: Alright, did the code fix. Turns out it’s much easier to do when you try after learning how to use PHP! Thanks for reminding me. :P

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