Ash Storm 2-4

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  1. Steelbright

    Ahh, this poor kid. Maybe the other kids don’t like him because his eyes are square. hee.
    We’ve totally (btw, totally–only on T, two L’s ^^) heard this story before–the socially-pathetic kid with a bad past goes to a new school to try and get better–i’m curious to how this variant will be different. I mean, other than the exploding-water-hillside-lost-memory-magic stuff. XD

    Does Ashlynn really mean dream? O_O i always sorta disliked it because it seemed too…cool somehow. (ironically enough. like, too good to be true) That would definitely chalk up another good thing about it though.

    • Ah, thanks for catching that! Will fix it right up. You might see a hint of how Brandon is not your typical socially pathetic kid next page, but regardless it will become more clear later on.

      And yes, Ashlynn really means dream: Meaning of Ashlynn
      You may want to Google all the names that come up in the story, if you can’t tell the meaning just by looking. And sometimes, it’s not the literal meaning of the name, but something else about it. For example, Brandon is one of the absolute most popular boy names in america, and has been for 40-50 years. It’s actual meaning is unimportant, Baldwin wants to be called that because it is so popular and Americanized.

      • Steelbright

        I’m confident it will become more clear. ^^ it’s only page 5. there’s that grace period where we’re establishing things and trying to attract people at the same time.

        huh. The facebook comments on that page are like an Ashlynn convention, lol. the Baldwin/Brandon thing isn’t difficult to fathom though. I tend to look at names for their tone as much as their meaning, so maybe i ought to look up the actual roots. heh.

        • haha, yeah. The actual roots are only important I think if the meaning of names is important to you, or say the story is very symbolic. It can’t hurt to know, though. :)

  2. Mango

    I believe you mean to spell it “totally”?

    • Gah, forgot about that, adding to the list. >_<

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