Ash Storm 2-5

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  1. Eirikr

    Oh, come on, teacher. You called him a Frenchie and then you expect him to pay attention? You probably weren’t going to teach anything important on the first day anyway.

  2. Steelbright

    Ooh, more! I have been without internet, soo I haven’t seen it. Ash’s face looks great in the second panel. She’s a bit of a go-getter, isn’t she? haha. Also, Brandon/Baldwin (let’s just call him B…) is so adorable in the last two. looolz.

    Is that a notebook/ipad thing he has? I’ve been distracted by it glowing and just thought of that. unless of course its maaaagic. hmm. XD

    Nice meeting you at the expo, by the way ^^ I hope I didn’t sound like too much of a creep.

    • Yes, that is an iPad/tablet thing. ^_^
      A few things to note in this entire classroom scene is that only Ashlynn and “B” have coats, and only B has a sweater. Also, where everyone else is using paper and pencil, B has the tablet. There are in fact no other computers visible in the room….

      And you didn’t come off as a creep at all! It was really awesome to meet you, and extremely encouraging.

  3. Steelbright


    Hrmm. Does that mean nothing is real? (I think that is me going overboard. but hrmm.)

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