Ash Storm 2-6

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  1. Steelbright

    hmmph. the problem with sporadic updates is that i can’t tell whether they’re laughing at Ash or at the teacher…depending on who won the battle of wills, i suppose XD As is looking super badass here. Maybe she’s just supposed to look sorry, but she looks like she’s gonna pick a fight. I like it.

    I’m curious, though, why all the students in the last panel are looking forward. If Ash & B are making a scene (or the teacher is making a scene of them, which is more accurate), wouldn’t they be facelessly laughing while looking at the two of them?

    • Sorry about the sporadic updates, I’m hoping after this episode to be able to control the update patterns properly. The next page is close to done actually, I’m just gotten very sick since Saturday, in addition to other things going on.

      The students all looking forward has a bit to do it the “battle of wills” as you say; it will not seem too odd come the next page. It’s also symbolic… without giving away much, this episode is centered around names, their meaning, and foreshadowing metaphors. As far as the story (or at least Ashlynn) is concerned, these students are a nameless mass.

      • Xel Unknown

        Start building a Comic Buffer with not giving out the next one until you’ve got two of them done… Think that’ll help with the update flow.

        • In 3 pages I’ll start building a buffer.

  2. Steelbright

    I definitely got the ‘faceless/nameless mass’ thing from that. ^^

  3. Eirikr

    I can’t tell if they’re laughing WITH Ashlynn at her mispronunciation of the teacher’s name, or AT her. I’m assuming Ashlynn just got the teacher’s name wrong, probably intentionally, and that’s why the students are laughing.

    Brandon/Baldwin is gonna have to toughen up if he wants to survive high school. People in high school LIVE to prey on perceived weakness.

    • It’s not so important who they’re laughing with so much as it is that they are laughing at it. Finally now that the next page is up, it should make sense. Fairly obvious though that these are not meant to be published as separate pages. :/
      And you’re totally right, Brandon/Baldwin WILL have to toughen up.

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