Ash Storm 2-7

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  1. Serne


  2. Xel Unknown

    Good page, can’t wait for more!!!

  3. Thank you both! I am dealing with a corrupt BIOS on my computer right now, but as soon as I resolve that I will continue onto finishing page 2-9.

    • Xel Unknown

      Great to know, really can’t wait for the next page! Cause each page done of this great work we can get back to what really drew us all here!!!

      • Haha, are you referring Imprint? I can understand, If not for a pushy senior sem teacher, I would have held off on Ash Storm until Imprint: Book One was finished. Now it’s the other way around. :P
        I think I’m about to get into the groove of what Bazzelwaki has always been about though, thank you so much for sticking with me!

  4. Eirikr

    Again, Teach, if you want people paying attention, don’t call your students Frenchie. Give respect to gain respect and all that, right?

    Nice facial expresions for the teacher, by the way. It’s hard for me to tell whether that’s a look of anger, frustration, or something else…sadness?

    Brandon seems really, really afraid of detention for some reason.

    • Why yes! I’m glad you caught the mixed emotions in her face. She’s not a particularly likable character I think, but as the story progresses and you learn more about the world, her emotions and extreme reactions should make much more sense.

  5. Steelbright

    Aha! This is quite a good page. I agree that the expression on Mrs. O’s face is almost too complex for the situation–hopefully this means she’s more of a complex character than a simple bitch stereotype. Just from that expression, you can see that she’s a bit of an emotionally needy person who is taking her fears of being made fun of out on her students. Which, Mrs. O, is not a mature thing to do!

    Also, B has the biggest eyes EVER. as well as an apparently exaggerated fear of detention. :)

    • Thank’s Steelbright! And again, very true about Mrs. O. She IS more complex of a character, in more complex of a world than has been let on. Schedule-wise I had expected to be somewhere much further by now however, in which case this would all be slightly clearer.

      And yeah, B is VERY afraid of detention on the first day of school, and THAT is a mystery that should only last about half a page. The rare positive to this extreme delay is the realization that I needed to be snappier with anything that related to the less fantastical plot stuff (and that titling 10 page episodes after half-life references and other such things would be a terrible idea).

  6. Helena

    Is it just a case that Opettaja is also “teacher” in Finnish?

    • Just a case? Well, it’s intentional, on my part.

      • Helena

        Well, it was a nice surprise… I’m very proud of my finnish roots!

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