I realize I’ve been rather silent for the last month, though certainly not idle.

Some of you may have noticed the re-working of the web site, which is inĀ preparationĀ for what is about to happen comic-wise. The last two pages of this now half-a-year episode are almost ready to be published, sitting only on my ability to resume them.

Why haven’t they resumed? Well, a few weeks ago after some traumatic events, I entered a coding binge to cope, on a 3D game I have worked on and off of for the past many years. Like the comics on Bazzelwaki, this game can take forever for me to make, but is also of the same quality. It will not be done for over a year I’m sure, but once I have stabilized I will begin writing about it on my blog, with images. The game is cannon to the Bazzelwaki Mythos, and once completed will likely be on the site as a download, while I convert it to web languages.

See you soon with two pages of racist teacher.