Ash Storm 2-8

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  1. Steelbright

    hmm…i thought he was new to this school? interesting. I’m really liking Mrs. Bitch’s facial expressions. they make her much more sympathetic a character than her actions. which i don’t know if you intended, but now i want to know her back-story. hmm.

    • I realized after finishing these pages that I had indeed not made it clear that this was the start of his second year at this school. XD
      The only hint currently is his thoughts about escaping France a year ago. As The thought-dialogue needs to be revised anyways, I may make it clearer there, or have the teacher mention it when she calls him on the second page.

      I’m glad some of her character is showing through, as she has the more obvious representation of the school’s attitude towards him down, though there is certainly something she is struggling with.

      • To anyone reading through the comments, this now IS his first day at this school. The change was made because it was confusing, and actually made less sense in the overall plotline than this being his first day, just like it appears to be.

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