Ash Storm 2-9

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  1. Howie

    …Well I’m still reading. So, here’s my encouragement: Can’t wait for the next up date and all that…Man, I’m terrible at this. But on a more serious note, keep up the good work.

    • Thank you, I sincerely appreciate your continued readership. ^_^
      While I can’t promise there won’t be another dry patch like this, I’m putting in a lot of effort right now to make sure that it doesn’t happen. It’s fairly obvious, but episodes of Ash Storm are meant to be read as updates all at once, not one page a month.

      Goal is to have the smaller comics update between full episode releases, every month or two at most.

  2. Eleanor

    Hey, as long as you keep updating, we’re cool :) you have a good story and an interesting art style, so that combo will keep people coming back.

    • Thank you very much, it really helps to hear that. ^_^

  3. Steelbright

    B & his big eyes. >< is there a specific reason he doesn't want to miss the bus, or is it just generic won't get home until really late?

    boo computer troubles. yay updates!

    • It is hard not to have fun with his square eyes. =D
      About all this, it will be more clear later, but he will either be at the school 4-8 hours more if he misses the bus. More than that though what Mrs. Oppetaja just told him about the school is something he is already aware of. That was no idle threat, and detention and anything else to draw attention to him is something he has avoided like the plague for an entire year.

      Also, gonna just draw this black and white comic on my netbook at this rate. Time to stop worrying about why I can’t, but rather how I CAN.

  4. Kiarasa

    Great art, as usual. Just wanted to let you know that I’m still here, reading! Can’t wait to see where the story goes – and nice job with the website. Seems every time I come back it’s updated a little.

    • Thanks! It is always encouraging to hear people are still reading, even when I am having difficulties with this whole “update” concept. The next episode is so to speak, in the hanger and ready to be assembled. a few other comics things will need to get done first, and then strait onto what I think will be one of the coolest scenes I will have drawn.

      Glad to hear notice of the website also. I am hoping to continually make better. I often think of it as a painting I am working on.

  5. ExPaladin

    Something about this page is strangely… artistic. The look on his face and the caption together make it intriguing. I’m just not sure what it is.

    • I’m glad! This page ended up taking quite a bit of work, and I had trouble explaining to anyone at the time why I was so happy with it.

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