Void. Lamps. Canon?

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  1. Jim Faindel

    I do believe that complex will surge as the story progress, but this particular page is quite… complicated to understand…
    Also: Are those some kind of naked furries or something?

    • Jim Faindel

      OH, sorry, I meant context, not complex. Confound my writings under the influence of vicodine!

      • No worries. The context will most certainly become clearer as pages magically pop out of my netbook. Key words here heard in other comics are Void and Lamp.

        As for the characters, they are as much furries as the Hylians in Zelda are Tolkien’s Elves. Sure, they both have pointy ears, and they both disappear from the world over time, but that’s about at far as the similarities go. Hylians are more like Numenoreans, who are more like Romans, who are not much like Hyllians at all.

        To be vague and technical, the Dakken are not furries for they have no fur, and are not a combination of any known animal and humans (heck they don’t even have vertebrae).

  2. Cadmium

    Oh, this is the same world as that horror story you made as an intermission (I don’t know if it’s still on the site, I can’t find it)!

    I’m calling it now.

    • =)
      It’s still here, just the site navigation is in transition, and the new system is not ready. The Next page is 80% done and will be up tomorrow. Any luck and the navigation will be functional enough to put up too. There are 5 comics now, after all. :P

      Edit: Here is the permalink: http://bazzelwaki.com/archives/2222

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