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  1. Jim Faindel

    So, it is finally complete.
    Kind of sad that now that I finally understood what it is all about it will be over, just like Child of Chaos. At least it means that Ash will return, which means that it will probably end some day now, which means that there is now a tiny chance that we get to see Imprint again during this century. Also, five comics in five days and not burned heh? Quite impressive. Gratz.

    By the way, WTF is going on in panel 3?

    • Thanks about the not being burned out :)

      HOWEVER. Flicker is not done! ;)
      The comic is about 24 pages total, but this was a good stopping point for me to get back to an Ash Storm Ep.

      If I can make my current work routines into a habit, I should not only have no problem making an Ash Storm ep each month, but may surpass that. Imprint is still sadly going to be a ways away, but I am now very confident about all this.

      panel 3 has some Dakken-motherly affection going on (pulling at his hair). ;)

  2. Howie

    Well, I’m personally psyched for any updates.

    • Thanks!

      I hope to be showing more soon, as progress on Ash Storm ep3 is moving along pretty well, and right after that I’ll be doing another small batch of Flicker.

  3. Steelbright

    Okay, just gonna comment in one big post… finished already?? D: I want more! This is such a deftly-prepared little arc, I’ve gotta say. Just came back to it now. I love the characterization, not only of the character (who seems really kickass…a warrior chick! and a mom! yay! we don’t see those enough in fantasy) but of their society, which is really alien. I like the little touches like the extra leg joint and the weird teeth…and also the little bits of violence, like her slamming the child into the wall. That TOTALLY would not go over well with Child Protective Services, haha. But i don’t think it diminishes her love for the child–it’s just a different society. Also, the scratchy black-and-white art totally works with all that. And ooh, it’s the TITLE. I GET IT! ^^ Hope to see more of this soon–even if it’s just in tiny mini-stories, the fragmentary nature would actually work well with the rather, er, fragmentary story that’s being told. Nice work!

    • Thanks Steelbright! This is in fact around a 24 page comic, that will continue shortly (maybe a week or so) with the next five pages after Ash Storm, ep3…. which is being released today!!!

      It is also part of something larger than 24 pages, but that’s all part of this “greater plan” thing.

      As this is faster to make and a different sort of comic than Ash Storm, it keeps me “fresh”, I think. It also helps me push my art and storytelling, I hope.

  4. Ragingreaver413

    AARRRGGGG why must you torture me with so few updates! First with Imprint, then with Ash Storm, and now this!? AARRRRGGGGGG

    On a slightly different note, I cannot wait to see where you are going with Flicker. The way the strange artwork still manages to flow and convey meaning behind an alien backdrop is staggering, and how you get a sense of the tribal politics with only one argument and six pages of comic!

    Sorry for sounding like a deviantart suckup though.

    • “Sorry for sounding like a deviantart suckup though.”
      nah, it’s cool.

      Well, come back next week, and I’ll be posting the next five pages (likely one at a time)! Very glad to hear the positive response to this comic, as this whole “Lamp” universe, as I’ll call it until I reveal it’s actual name, is going to keep coming up.

      Also, Ash Storm just got a full episode update. You see it? It will get at least one episode next month too, and so on every month after. :)

  5. Xel Unknown

    Still waiting on that update dude…

    Don’t really want to be that guy asking like an a-hole but just saying… Still waiting overhere.

    You make amazing art, please quit hiding it form us your fans!

    • Sorry! Downside to being an art dude with a meticulous world building fetish, is that it comes with certain very real mental stability issues. Trying to stabilize, and thank you for posting this. Sometimes it IS just someone reminding you they’re waiting.

      On that note, I’ve still, reaallly got to stop getting overconfident and spilling my release plans, even vaguely. It leads to pressure that leads to the slippery slope of immobilization.

      gonna update the announcements, put myself back in motion.

  6. Xel Unknown

    Mmm… Looking at ficker again, I wonder what’d happen if you were to make a Video Game. Well the Art/Story for a Game that is… Cause I’d guess you’d need somebody to help you with the other side of things… But then again asuming that you made the whole site mostly on your own, who knows… Still would totally play a Video Game you’d finish in a heartbeat.

    • I’m glad to hear that!

      And actually, I’ve made a number of video games. I spent half of high school programming 3d video games, and a lot of spare time in college. Right now I’m not, as I’ve gotten stuc on a frustrating bug in a game that is 8000+ lines of code, and is a 3D puzzle/adventure game. It’s a rather surreal game, but is in fact cannon to the same universe as Flicker, Albeit in a VERY different place and time.

      I BELIEVE this is the last time I posted about the game on the internet, though it’s made many strides since, before hitting the current brick wall it’s at.

      Look at the last page of the thread to see an early drawing of a creature very much like the ones in Flicker.

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