Ash Storm 3-2

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  1. Jim Faindel

    That looks ouchy.
    Also, yay!- nudity prevails!

  2. Howie

    Dat arm. Ow… OW.

    • You might imagine some of the real life images I had to find, + personal bone breakage (of the more normal sort), to draw her arm the way I pictured it :P

      glad to see it works out well!

  3. Drakkoniss

    That *might* not be such a good idea… future possibility of healing properly impeeded, and all that.


    • Yeah, though I don’t think he had time to think about that, only time to grab the nearest part of her.

    • Stig Hemmer

      Dying also impeed healing.

  4. xpacetrue

    Ashlynn’s arm… That’s not a mere break. Looking at page #1966: That’s a VERY NASTY compound fracture! Her arm looks almost severed. If the main arteries are damaged, she’d probably fall unconscious from blood loss and bleed to death pretty rapidly. He’d have to get her to a hospital fast. On top of that, the bone marrow could get into the blood stream. That could lead to fat embolism, a stroke, blood clots and other problems.

    And being submerged in water? The flood water would get inside… That’s… I can’t see how she could survive.

    Compound fracture? That’s believable. But THIS severe? I’m no doctor but… it seems doubtful. I’m reminded of that woman in the news who lost her arm to a shark. She struggled to survive, but ending up dying.

    He did not have time to think to grab her other arm? Nope. I’m just not buying that. Whether or not he can think on his feet, he’d have to be blind not to SEE the problem.

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