Ash Storm 3-7

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  1. Jim Faindel

    Oh look! The green of her eyes completely dissapears when you look for more than twelve inches away.
    Artistic inconcistensy or genius plot setting? Let’s find out.

    • Mostly, I don’t draw the color of the eyes unless it is an extreme closeup, or I specifically want to draw attention to it (those are often the same thing). Usually her pupils are simply not large enough to detail.
      I THINK I’m pretty consistent about that, but I should probably go through the comic up to now and check. :)

      • Jim Faindel

        Nah, no need to do that. It is k. I just discovered it and found it curious enough like to comment. Also, nudity prevails!

      • Haha, well, she will get “clothes” in the next episode chronologically (as you may have noticed, they jump around in time a bit).

        Still though, I like to push that she is naked, yet it is not sexual, it just is, because the story calls for it. Particularly, it pushes the metaphor of her memory loss and whatnot, being striped of things, and broken. The way things are depicted in Ash Storm often will reflect something about them. This is everything from colors, to characters, to the panel layout.

  2. Drakkoniss

    Hmm… Makes me wonder if her being unable to feel it is a bad thing, considering she may not opperate on classical human biological opperations, and thus normal indications may not be… applicable with accuracy.

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