Ash Storm 3-9

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  1. Jim Faindel

    I really love these panels. They would do great as wallpapers if you provide a bigger resolution.
    Also, the narrative, it be superb!

    • Jim Faindel

      But anyway, another month? Well, I supose that if the next chapter is as rad as this one it will somehow be worth it all. All I can say for now is so long, so long, so long and thanks for all the pages.

    • You are very welcome! And thank you for your many comments, I really appreciate it.

      Flicker will be updating pages 7 to 11 starting next week, so there is reason to check back next week still.

      I could release at 2-3 pages a week of Ash Storm and would turn out the same number of pages a month, but that would mess up the pacing, as each episode is meant to be read at once.
      And hey! Considering the pace of updates since pretty much the beginning of Bazzelwaki, 2 pages a month, let ALONE 2 updates, 9 and 5 pages, is pretty crazy. u_u

      Oh, and in the not too distant future, editing certain pages into downloadable wallpapers is basically a certainty. ^_^

  2. Steelbright

    Ooh! A whole chapter, I’m excited! (well, okay, those were my thoughts when i saw this, as i have clearly now finished the episode.)

    The arm thing was pretty painful. Really cringeworthy. i’m just glad Ash had her head above water because she surely would have choked in a lot more otherwise. poor thing.

    Noted the change to Baldwin–he seems stronger now, or more self-assured. though not in the best of moods. And clearly, Ashlynn’s optimism is beyond the par of almost any human being, as she can be friendly while naked with her arm falling off in the arms of a strange man in a suddenly-appearing ocean. (I like it!)

    Speaking of which, I love the surrealness that’s going on here–they were in the woods, it flooded, and then–well, are they standing in 4-foot-deep water? or are they floating? (in which case, they are both pretty powerfully treading water without seeming to exert effort, so i assume they’re standing. Anyway, now the landscape and the weather & basically everything seems to have transformed. it does take away a bit of the urgency of the beginning episode, since it seems more like one of those ‘dream-odyssey’ things now…but that’s just at first glance. the tension is obviously still there, as crazy creatures are stalking her dreams/possessing her.

    really excited for the switchy episodes. learning past and present at the same time is fun!

    Also, the island looks sort of like one of the ones you might see in Donkey Kong 64. :3

    Nice work! can’t wait for more!

    • Hey, Steelbright! I am glad to hear you liked the episode! You also tuned in at a good time, as the next episode is being worked on to release by the end of the week.

      As to why they are not struggling in the water, well, Baldwin is wearing a very good life vest, the sort with tremendous back support (I have firsthand experience with the outdoors-ey parts of the comic). They are a bit high in the water despite that, but I’m not inclined to fix that, at least not until the comic is a couple more episodes in.

      And you are very correct about Baldwin, the ‘past’ episodes will show his character’s growth. Ashylnn’s attitude is partially intentional for story reasons, and partially because I was never a 12 year old girl. :/
      Luckily, quite a few of the people who read and critiqued the novel version of Ash Storm WERE at one point 12 year old girls (for a long time she was not even all that concerned about the naked part).

      As for the tension and flow, this new area will lend itself to many new tensions. Episode 4, which I am inking and coloring now, will bring up:

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