Ash Storm 4-1

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  1. Steelbright

    Love the fan imagery–it’s perfect to convey the stillness/waiting in the room. What a stupid teacher…forcing the kids to just sit there just because of her dumb pride.

    i am sorta sad that the only black character so far is such a dumb woman.

    will comment more in total at the end of the chapter.

    • Well, there were between 2-4 black kids in the class as well, but yeah, they don’t exactly count as characters. This comic will address racism quite strongly… just not black and white. Where ever/whenever this comic is, b/w is while not GONE, it’s been… pushed aside kinda. Mrs. Opettaja is not discriminated against for…

      Man, there are a lot of things I can’t even say until the next two chapters bring them up more >:(

      Unless I said them during ep2 already, but if I did, oh well.

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