Ash Storm 4-10

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  1. Taima Mary Anne

    I love this so much.

  2. Xel Unknown

    Wonderful chapter… Can’t wait for the next update I find you’ve done regardless of which of your great stories it is that get’s updated first.

    • Thank you so much Xel Unknown! Right now I am working on the next ep of Ash Storm, but I definitely switch between what I’m working on plenty, and it is my hope that when I finish one of the longer comics like say Ash Storm, people will want to stick around to see where I take the next thing.

      So yeah, very happy to hear that about my wonky update decisions. ^_^

      • Xel Unknown

        Only think I really hope for with your updates is that they eventually end up happening more often. Then again I know with your hard on for world building… That’d be hard

        And recall that you’ve got one fan who will always support you in the end.

      • Well, my hope is to publish at least one “chunk” of content a month. Like, an episode of Ash Storm per month. Episode 5 is going well so far, so I’m REALLY hoping to have this monthly goal down finally! Once that is established for a good while, maybe I can be more ambitious about updates.

        However it goes though, I know I’ll get there, as long as I keep going.

        I am very glad to hear that. ^_^
        Thank you very much!

  3. Steelbright

    Yay! another chapter finished! This one was great…very simple, but it conveyed a lot. I love the overall feeling of silence in this chapter–everything was communicated through internal monologue and Ash’s crazy facial expressions. She definitely seems a little spastic, even for a 12-year-old-girl…but that’s her character for ya. A good foil for B there, whose natural reaction to difficulties seems to be to freeze like a rabbit in the headlights XD I also enjoyed the white misty stuff that you use here…it’s the perfect atmosphere. your coloring is superb, as usual. and the mood is a weird combo of happiness for the present and apprehension for the future with how this shared drawing is coming out.

    can’t wait for the next one! :3

    • I am really glad to see how well everyone is reacting to this chapter.
      They are definitely supposed to counter-balance each other, and yeah, that is exactly how Baldwin has reacted so far. XD

      Thank you about the coloring and the”white”!
      If you look closely at Ashylnn in EP2, you;ll find this is not the first “White” to show up. I’ll likely make the EP2 ones a bit more visible, but not much.

      Thanks Steelbright, next one is in the works, I can’t wait to finish and post it!

      Oh, small note, but I am likely going to change it to 8th grade. It just makes no sense to be 7th anymore, and if Ash is 13 and Baldwin is 15, their bodies in general don’t seem overdeveloped.
      Mostly this has to do with realizing it made a lot more sense to have this actually be B’s first day at an american school, and it makes little sense to have him put in a middle grade (this is a 6th though 8th grade middle school). Just… yeah. remember all that weird explanation i Had to give in the comments about him having been at the school a year already, even though you couldn’t really tell? Forget that. Occam’s Razor sniped it right off.

  4. Anonymous

    My god, these are good.

    • Thank you!!

      • Danny Cohen

        I meant to post my names with that, but yeah, this is really nice and I can’t wait to see more!

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