Hurra for having time to work on site! Now I might actually have time to work on the comic. :P
Don’t misunderstand though, the site is still horrible and needs a lot of work I think. :’(

Currently I am drawing the first two pages for the comic. As you might notice, the current first 6 pages of the comic look a lot worse than the rest of it. This is because while the others I’ve tried to keep looking fairly simmilar as I’ve improved, there are some important changes that need to be made to those first six pages, turning them into 11 pages of coolness. Mostly I’ll be working backwards from the 11th page to the first, but that will take a while. So there are two completely new pages that are at the start of the comic that are in no way re-making the current pages, and I thought I should have the start of the comic look good ASAP, as I plan to actually try and attract readers at some point. :/

I sooo promise not to re-edit my stuff this much after chapter 1!!

And to write better blog posts. But hey, it’s a start!