This thing is so amazing. Also, it cost a LOT less than the two and a half thousand dollars a Cintiq does. How does it compare? I'll be blogging about that.

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  1. sinistmer

    It came out well!

  2. kp42

    Very cool!

  3. Thank you both!

  4. Reaver

    Oh, come on; your slice of life comics were never that bad. Sometimes it takes a second time through, but some of them are funny.

    • I am glad you think that!
      Some of them were funny, though those converstations in the comic actually happened in college, and they WERE very hit or miss with people. None more than the Kingdom of Heaven joke, which only the medieval history class seemed to get :P.
      Besides, it’s funnier and more humanizing to show my angst than to… not? I guess? Well, I enjoyed drawing that first part. It’s kinda a slice of life comic on it’s own.

      For anyone reading the comments who wants to see some of my college newspaper comics, here you go:

  5. sinistmer

    I hope you didn’t speed in real life.

    • nope. In real life I knew the package was coming, and freaked out when I saw that I had overslept and missed the package, and spent the rest of the day making sure I got it that evening. I drove many wrong place, such as the UPS store twice, and once was directed by my GPS into a graveyard, and with maybe half an hour to spare found the building they held packages at the warehouse-like location.

  6. Xel Unknown

    Nicely done. It makes the last comic make a lot more logical sense.

  7. Yeah, I added the last two the same time as this comic, because I wanted to build up and better address the last third of this page (though I of course drew the last two pages before this).

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