Ash Storm 5-1

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  1. kp42

    I found a typo — “crypitic” should be “cryptic.”

    I really like how you used colors to show the waves and sand.

    • Whoops, will get on that. Thanks!

      I am glad you like the water and sand! I certainly enjoyed coming up with how they’re drawn.

  2. Xel Unknown

    Again I bring up my crazy Art Power’s Theory… They’re in the art realm that Alslin has made for some unknown reason.

  3. steelbright

    “No.” Hahah! Yes, this is definitely a different B than in the flashback chapter. I want to know HOW this happened! Soon!

    • Glad Baldwin’s character growth comes through so well!

      Lets hope that in a couple weeks I get the next episode out. I’ve been very down for the past months, and very much want to release the next episode around the 13th.

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