Ash Storm 5-6

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  1. Xel Unknown

    Ok, now I know that the flashbacks are B telling the story to Alslin… And yes I know I’m badly spelling that woman’s name I’m to lazy to look up how it’s really spelled. >.>

    • Ashlynn is how I spell it here, though that is an american version, not the original spelling. The Gaelic of which is Aislin, and there are many others. I like this version of the name because it phonetically sounds right in English, has an extra connotation with the nickname Ash.

  2. Jim Faindel

    How comes this keeps getting more and more cryptic, yet making more sense than in the beggining?
    It’s kind of like a logic paradox, that or a complexity curve being reduced by just a bit of understanding.

    • It’s like a magic trick, where I start with so little information that even the most basic things become significant questions, so that as more is revealed, larger questions can be asked, without feeling you have not learned anything in the meantime.

      The true difficulty is never disappointing with a mystery’s buildup versus payoff, and not ending the story with most of the mysteries unresolved, while also not losing buildup. Ash Storm should never fall prey to that however. If the two stories happening in the past and future did not give it away, the whole comic is entirely planned out, and from the many readers of the many drafts of the novel, I can safety say the story only continues to get more and more involved, interesting, mysterious, and resolved.

      …….Ash Storm is built to have two hooks. The first is the entire first episode, the second is the continual answering and asking of questions, which is throughout the entire story.

      ..yup. I want to write a whole essay on this; better not do that here. The story structure, and so much else about this story gets me very excited.

      • KC Clearwater

        I followed the newest DA post’s link, and jumped around the archives a bit, before settling in to read a bunch of them in order (always the sign of something that’s engaging — because I very seldom read anything anymore, so, that’s kudos from the start)

        The parallel strands are alternating without transition so that I thought it was more a Brazil-style reality/dream-world (especially with their drawing appearing verbatim later on in the more fantastical of the two settings) — but it’s groovy how the less-mundane elements Were introduced in the school setting (bar codes, etc), so that helps establish that they’re both real…

        Also it’s very cool to hear that the mundane/past/school story isn’t going to dissolve eventually (or at least, not quickly) once it’s “delivered” the current/fantastical/future story, keeping them both going in parallel (at least for a while/most of the story’s run time) is a pretty mind-blowing idea.

        Reflecting on my density of story plot in light of this discussion — I think I’m not in danger of the worst of mysterious-plotting-sins (as described above re: manga — the sin of just make everything more and more Mysterious and Meaningful until the only thing that can resolve it is MYSTERIOUS MEANINGFUL LASERBEAMS OF MYSTERIOUS FORCE), but I think there’s a fair amount of “ok, that happened to us, but we’re running away from it” — thus there’s a bunch of new oddities, occasional other symptoms of the old unaddressed things, and in some cases, changes brought on by the old things cause new things to react differently. Additionally, this paragraph is an event horizon of vagueness, from which no sense can escape, but that’s okay because it was the vainglorious paragraph and not the feedback-y one!

        • Yeah, both will continue in parallel until the end on this story. =D

          All of my stories deal with time and uncertainty somehow, be it in the narrative, the plot, the world building, of the passing of ages. I’m trying to diversify with some short story projects, but those are definitely major themes.

          I’m more certain about the quality of the plot than any other part of the story.

          Also, great last paragraph!

  3. steelbright

    Hahaha! You’ve got it all figured out. And you know what, it seems to be working. Just don’t end up like CLAMP manga. they always have a lot of the mystery/questions without a lot of the payoff. i’m super excited.

    I’m assuming right now that somehow, she is not simply making this up, but that there is some dark (or light, heh) forces that have been channeled through her, or that she has been channeling through drawing. wondering whether B’s addition to the drawing has changed the effects of what’s happening to them at all.

    • I remember getting to the end of the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles manga, and having a profound sense that at some point during the ending, all of the clues and mysteries had thrown their hands up in the air, and drawn a lot of pretty energy beam across all the pages. I may connect all my stories, but I hope I never write and ending that…. does that. This will definitely pay off. ^_^

      Whatever forces are at work here….. well, I shouldn’t say anything.

      • Steelbright

        Yeah, you shouldn’t! I’m just excited to be right here waiting for the action. Though, as a writer, I appreciate the DESIRE to tell everyone what you’re planning and why it might/might not work… At least, that’s what I always want to do.

        Yeah, CLAMP seems to think that invoking mysterious deep concepts is basically the same as actually revealing something deep and mysterious, heh. But i never read Tsubasa…just parts of Chobits and some other random things.

        Good work here! I’m looking forward to more as usual. But no pressure :3

        • Thanks Steelbright. I may put episode on hold, will be moving soon. If that happens, I’ll post an update about it with some details.

          I totally have the desire to spout all these exciting details. =P
          I’ve managed to regulate how many spoilers I give by being terrible at keeping secrets if people ask in person. Though with how long a project Ash Storm is, and how much there is to tell, it’s definitely harder.

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