Ash Storm 5-7

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  1. NonEuclideanCat

    Okay, we’ve got a visual on that “‘Unwanted’ barcode” mentioned way before. Art is still really great. Please keep being great.

    • I will try :)

      I’ve been excited about the bar codes, I’ve got a lot of attachment to the “Unwanteds”

  2. ServantofGrace

    is good, real mysterious

    • Mysteries Forever. ;)

      Though really, this is not that kind of comic, the mysteries have answers.

  3. Idola

    Uwaaah. :u This is really amazing. I would truly like to read more! :3 haha

    • I’m glad to hear that!!

      I promise I’ll keep making it, and I hope the other comics on Bazzelwaki interest you as well! ^_^

  4. Shoebox

    Woooot! I love this everything about it. Its worth the waiting ! <3

    • It is very good to hear that! I will keep striving to lower the time, but it is very encouraging and reassuring to know the comic is worthwhile even still.

  5. Xel Unknown

    Awesomeness update dude, wish I had gotten to seeing it sooner… But I still worry about that thingie that’s in the artwork and that thing popping up doing who knows what for the kids. Cause I’m still going on my theory that they’re in the “art realm” as I’m calling it until I’ve been proven wrong.

    • Thanks!

      I won’t say much on how close or far your current theories are, but I WILL say some of the things your’s wondering about are going to start being addressed as soon as the next episode, as exponentially more is known with each update.

      • Xel Unknown

        It’s better I don’t know if I’ve got any clue about what’s going on. I enjoy telling what I think and can’t wait to see how much is right, if any.

        • that’s good to hear! I hope the next few episodes give you even more ideas. ^_^

          • Xel Unknown

            And that’s why I keep coming back hoping to read more of your great works of madness. :3

  6. Jim Faindel

    Well. It had been a while since I last came around the bazzelwaki road, but even so I can’t but admire how great it all is, never betraying my memories.
    The story keeps going, yet at the same time it remains still, almost like those two, letting the island aproach them peacefully.
    I really love the way this is taking, the deep narrating combined with the cassual conversation, it makes for quite a nice reading.
    I most say as well that I did missed commenting and getting replied over here. It is always great to find an artist that actually cares about it’s readers, just like you do Ben.
    Let’s see where the next pages take us.

    • I am very happy to hear that the comics hold up against memory! And that it reads so well.
      I am also determined that no matter the situation, the comics will continue going. I am hoping to enter a place that will enable me to make comics much faster in the coming months, and am currently drawing a full short story comic as part of the admissions. I will likely put that up soon, to keep this new lul in comics down.

      And it’s great to have readers like you, Jim, who comment so much. Knowing I have readers that care themselves, is deeply motivating.

  7. Nathan from elementry school

    love it. keep making these

  8. steelbright

    This is a super epic style ending picture, heh. It’s like ‘and then SOMETHING is going to happen.’ Rather posed, but also very reminiscent of the picture…obviously :3

    this is a great transitional chapter–it’s not just an aftermath scene, it’s tons of new info in a short amount of time. How much does B’s father have to do with all this? And what kind of world are they in that tattoos barcodes on its children?

    I’m super excited for the next update!

    • Well, until now, there have been no good looks at the world (aside from this island). At the start, there was a forest and it was raining too hard to see much of anything. And so far, both past episodes has been in a single classroom. Episode 6 will be the first decent look at the setting!

  9. Korigan

    I read Imprint awhile back (two years? three?) and enjoyed it immensely; I just now in a very short amount of time got around to reading the rest. Imprint’s still my favorite ^.^ but it’s so much more awesome, seeing all these threads weaving in and around each other. Awesome stories! This one is great, and I look forward to reading more of it and gaining a bigger lens into this multiverse as a whole :D

    • Thanks! I’m glad to see you back. ^_^

      Imprint I expect is going to over time become the story that I tell along side the other stories, maybe a 50 page chapter between longer stories. Kinda make it more epic and whatnot, and have it be an event as I make this comic thing work for me.
      Imprint is definitely special like that, even if it’s not so planned out and vital to the overarching plotlines of the Bazzelmythos.

      Hope that this big multiverse thing and the stories stay entertaining, and that someday I get the hang of this updating thing!

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