Ash Storm: Episode 5, is out! Go read it.

It’s quite short at 7 pages, but I can gaurentee the coming episodes will more than make up for it.

Speaking of, for the next month or two, rather than drawing Ash Storm, I’ll be finishing the 24 page comic Flicker, making a Tiny comic you wont see online for a while, cleaning up errors in episdoes 1-5, and making books/mini comics of all those to sell at conventions, starting with M.I.C.E.
It will happen September 29th, at Lesley University, Massachusetts. More on that in the future.

I also want to have the print version of Chapter 1 of Imprint done, but that has a looong list of changes and fixes to go through before it gets printed.


Oh, and did I mention I am applying for a comics Masters program? If I get in, I’ll probably go into detail on my Art Blog about that.


Sleep well, all you good folk.