Guys, GUYS. I made some tweets recently. They went like this:

(3) Ben Prager ‏@Bazzelwaki
You’d still be judged on your looks, but now from a series of quantifiable attributes, and us nerds would be the fashionable ones. #fashion

(2) Ben Prager ‏@Bazzelwaki
You could probably give away free-to-wear clothes and still make more money than the current business model.

(1) Ben Prager ‏@Bazzelwaki
Real life clothing should come with attributes like in a game. T-shirt with +5 charisma would sell for $60 more than a shirt with only +4

(remember, Twitter is read bottom to top with multiple tweets)

The point is, I made a joke somewhere else that my clothes DID have stats, just no one wanted to read my character sheet. So, my solution to my own joke was to just print the stats on the clothes.

Then I thought “I would buy that”

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(FYI, comics are being made right now, constantly, involving the robot)