Alright, I’ve majority re-hauled a lot of the text and some of the images in the comic, as well as adding a forward to help people understand a bit what I’m doing. Now, as I’m a huge FLCL fan, I tend to take a while to reveal what’s going on, while showing lots of action. I’ll settle down into more explanation soon, but what I’ve down with the text is not only make it all cannon, but it reveals enough now to give some questions to the reader. So if you want to re-read what’s there, it should be considerably better!!

I’m also thinking of making the first page just the blog with links to the comic, because I’m not sure anyone is seeing that I HAVE a blog here :/

But yeah, I hope this helps improve the comic! I’m really looking for a alot of feedback on it, so it you have any don’t hesitate t comment!

Ben Prager