So yeah, the MissingNo is finally defeated. Not dead quite yet, but that was both a “Critical Hit” and “Super Effective”. ;)

This is either Thursdays page or Fridays, depending on when you see it. I am sooo burned out though. 4 Comics in a week and major advertising is exhausting!!!

Oh, I think I know a way to post an update every week day. See, I do two pages a week, Mondays and Thursdays. Every other day I post a drawing I restrict myself to hour hour of work, to both improve and update daily. I just need to figure out how ComicPress 2.9 handles multiple comics. I KNOW it’s built in, Furmph (I think is his online name), who makes ComicPress says it does. I just haven’t figured it out affectively yet.

Well, I am done for this week. Expect the next update on Monday!