Ash Storm 6-3

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  1. steelbright

    Eww! The bruised/bitten lip looks particularly nasty. Well done :3

    I don’t know how much of the inner narration is B just being overdramatic and bitchy or world-characterizing. I hope soon we’ll get some clues to find out.

    And what’s with this mysterious white blotchy space? I’m sure it has its purpose.

    Good work as always!

    • Thanks!

      How colored/acurate his inner monolouge is, will be easier to see by how is actions evolve. Wish I had a better hint for this one, but it’s kinda like trying to explain his personality…
      Ok, here we go: watch B’s temper/reactions over the this and the next episode.

      On the white fog/blotchy space, it was quite prominent in Episode 4. I also can recommend looking for uses of black and white in the imagery of the comic as a whole.
      Otherwise, I encourage speculation, and promise that more will be revealed over time.

  2. kp42

    I think the white space is some sort of miasma that he’s emitting. Or maybe it’s just so cold that you can see his breath? Hmmmm….. Fascinating!

  3. GeneseePaws

    @KP24 – –But she was emitting it, too, when she was drawing the mountain. I think it’s something common to both of them. Maybe it’s the thing that binds their fates together? IDK.

  4. @KP42 and @GeneseePaws, in this image the “white” is coming off Ashlynn, as it did throughout the drawing, by whomever was drawing at the time.

    • Geneseepaws

      Ahhh, it, er,… Looked like it was coming off of both and meeting in the middle, I took it as bridging or joining. But I think it’s a really kook effect, kind-a like how I imagine power of personality or wizard force, but not ectoplasm, Eeuuwwww!! No. I’m endlessly speculating in my brain, all the possibilities.

  5. xpacetrue

    Panel 3:
    Did Ash just bite her lip so hard that she’s bleeding?

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